In this episode actor Stephen Lang reads, “Batman and Robin Have an Altercation”, a -shall we say- intense story about family, love, and dying by Stephen King (yes, THAT Stephen King). More

The fur is flying in our episode devoted to everyone's favorite four legged friends. More

“Help”, wanted, unwanted, sought, and refused, is the topic of today’s two stories; one focusing on present-day Haiti and one from an American master. More

The great epics of literature—from those by Homer to "Beowulf" to the "Song of Roland" and Dante’s "Divine Comedy"—are not short stories. For one thing, they are all rather long. But they were intended to be read—or sung—aloud before enraptured audiences. We’ll hear two such readings on this program, as well as a re-telling of"Moby Dick" from the whale’s point of view. More