Novelist and screenwriter Richard Price, author of Lush Life and writer for the television series "The Wire" and "The Night Of," picks and inspires the stories for this episode with readers Maggie Gyllenhaal, Rita Wolf, and Alec Baldwin. More

The reinvented version of a popular fairy tale by the acclaimed British writer, Angela Carter. More

On this program, four stories involving art and artists. More

Guest host Robert Sean Leonard introduces three stories in which eating and drinking. More

Hope Davis introduces three fantasies in which things don’t go as planned. More

On this show, three fantasies in which things don’t go as planned. More

We're back with the second part of our recording session with Neil Gaiman featuring a haunting fairy tale by Angela Carter, and two from Gaiman himself. More

This program explores finding paradise and fixing the world in stories by promising young writers and established humorists. What makes a paradise?  We explore this idea in the first half of this program, which features stories derived from a partnership with the College Group at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, in […] More

A lot of people listen to SELECTED SHORTS in their cars.  In this program, the characters are in their cars—running from a bad love affair in the first piece, and toward a natural disaster in the second. Our first story, “Fruit and Words,” is a typically fantastical account by Aimee Bender of a woman who […] More