Leonard Nimoy and David Rakoff read stories by Raymond Carver and Bernard Malamud introduced by guest host David Sedaris. More

Three stories with animal connections by Grace Paley, Etgar Keret, and Raymond Carver. More

Like, we're totally excited to feature works by some of our best contemporary writers who came into their own during the '80's. More

Robert Sean Leonard introduces two stories with way too much information. In Raymond Carver’s “Feathers,” two couples meet for an awkward dinner party that includes an ugly baby, a pet peacock, and a bust of crooked teeth. Leonard himself is the bemused narrator in this serio-comic work by an American master, from a program devoted […] More

Guest host Cynthia Nixon presents stories that feature improbable relationships. Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral” is a unexpectedly humorous work by the American master of spare realism. In James Naughton’s engaging reading, we meet a bewildered husband who is bemused and a little nervous when his wife’s blind friend comes to spend the night. But in the […] More

Today’s program features three stories that explore both the physical spaces we inhabit, and how those spaces are tied to the more mysterious, emotional places in our lives. Ernest Hemingway once said, “Prose is architecture, not interior decoration.” In this program special guest Jonathan Lethem talks with SHORTS literary commentator Hannah Tinti about building stories, […] More