Neil Gaiman hosts a program featuring two of his own stories and a classic by John Collier. More

Three stories drawn from the world of fables and fairytales, but with a modern twist. More

This episode, the story, "A Talking Cure" about a couple questioning the inevitability of their relationship. More

Ahh, the good life. Stories by Ray Bradbury, Margaret Atwood and Susan Orlean about people in pursuit of something better. More

Guest host Jane Kaczmarek introduces three tales about taking things to extremes. More

Four tales about the lighter side of love, from rib-tickling to rueful. More

An Irish village with a secret, a genteel woman cloaking her feelings, and powerful emotions displaced onto an old piece of furniture. The multi-faceted author Colm Toibin joins SHORTS literary commentator Hannan Tinti to talk about three stories. Toibin’s most recent book is The Testament of Mary, and his short story collections include The Empty […] More

Romantic confusion and comic advice for the lovelorn are offered in the five stories on this program. More

Marriages, love affairs, and other complicated relationships are explored in these four stories. First, two works by a SHORTS stalwart—Sherman Alexie. A woman confesses to a long-ago affair with haunting consequences in “Scenes from a Life.” In “The Vow,” a married couple renegotiates the terms of their contract. Alexie says the idea for this brief […] More

Jean-Paul Sartre famously wrote “Things are against us” (“les choses sont contre nous”), and you can determine whether that’s the case in the two works on this program—all about the stuff in our lives. In the first story, “Counting the Ways,” by Susan Perabo, a blue-collar couple blows an inheritance on a dress once owned […] More