On this program, two stories about expectation, hope and disenchantment. More

Guest host Josh Radnor presents works by Carrie Brownstein and George Saunders. More

Guest host Hope Davis presents funny four tales about things going wrong. More

An abduction, a rejection, and a reconciliation in three stories presented by David Sedaris. More

Guest host Stephen Colbert presents stories with anarchists and oddballs by George Saunders and a Shorts' classic by John Sayles. More

The stories on this program hosted by Wyatt Cenac feature two exceptional children and a nervous parent. “Solomon’s Big Day” by performance artist Toure follows a child prodigy as he tries to paint a masterpiece and escape pretentious adults. Toure is the host of Hiphop Shop and On the Record (on the Fuse TV channel) […] More

“Behaving Badly” is our new collection of darkly funny fictions by the likes of Stephen King and Aimee Bender, performed by Anjelica Huston, Michael Impreioli and others on the new greatest hits compilation from Selected Shorts. Buy in the Shop Stories include: George Saunders’ “My Flamboyant Grandson” Performed by Harris Yulin A.M. Homes’ “Adults Alone […] More

SHORTS collaborated with Planet Money to bring you two stories about spending and earning, and one about compulsory consumerism. First, Kevin Canty’s “Where the Money Went” profiles a failed marriage in terms of goods consumed. What, in the end, do all these expensive schools, holidays, and big-ticket toys mean in terms of love, security, and […] More