Guest host Josh Radnor presents three stories about needy people. More

Two stories about people who beat the odds. More

A story complete with humor and humanity, differences and common bonds, and a recognition that sometimes it’s who you run into in the ladies’ room that matters. More

Guest host Cynthia Nixon presents two stories about strange, and strained, relationships.   In James Salter’s “Last Night,” a dying wife has a last supper with a husband and a family friend.  This delicate and moving story explores the toll death takes on love.  Salter, who died in 2015, often explored the hidden emotional lives […] More

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Needy people make for great stories. Enough said. More

Guest host Jane Kaczmarek presents a program of funny and touching stories in which things don’t quite work out as planned. More

Guest host Robert Sean Leonard presents a program of stories about finding love in unexpected places. First, from the fertile brain of Simon Rich, cave boy meets cave girl in “I Love Girl,” in which Cro-Magnon suitors vie for the same woman. The reader is Michael Ian Black, a writer, comedian, and actor who has […] More

An Irish village with a secret, a genteel woman cloaking her feelings, and powerful emotions displaced onto an old piece of furniture. The multi-faceted author Colm Toibin joins SHORTS literary commentator Hannan Tinti to talk about three stories. Toibin’s most recent book is The Testament of Mary, and his short story collections include The Empty […] More