Two stories about when to pay attention to that gut feeling. More

Guest host Josh Radnor presents three stories about needy people. More

On Being's Krista Tippett hosts Shorts this week in a special program which she helped curate. More

Warning! This is a very hot story. More

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Needy people make for great stories. Enough said. More

Guest host Hope Davis presents a coming-of-age story by Nobel Prize winning author Alice Munro, and a quirky romance by Aimee Bender. Munro was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2013. It was an acknowledgment of what her readers had always known—that her deceptively simple stories of small lives in small towns tell us […] More

Romantic confusion and comic advice for the lovelorn are offered in the five stories on this program. More

“Behaving Badly” is our new collection of darkly funny fictions by the likes of Stephen King and Aimee Bender, performed by Anjelica Huston, Michael Impreioli and others on the new greatest hits compilation from Selected Shorts. Buy in the Shop Stories include: George Saunders’ “My Flamboyant Grandson” Performed by Harris Yulin A.M. Homes’ “Adults Alone […] More

The new season of SELECTED SHORTS begins with a program focusing on the mystery and allure of objects. In Steven Millhauser’s “In the Reign of Harad IV” a court miniaturist longs to create smaller and smaller worlds.  Millhauser has commented on the fact that he moved from novels to short fiction—a reverse of the usual […] More