It's story time for adults with PRI's award-winning series of short fiction read by the stars of stage and screen. Recorded live at Peter Norton Symphony Space in NYC and on tour. Selected Shorts is a production of Symphony Space.  Our theme music, "That's The Deal," is by Deardorf/Peterson Group.  You can find out more about them HERE Podcast Updates: Thursdays at 12pm. Subscribe using iTunes here. Duration: approx 60 minutes

June 28, 2016

Guest host Cynthia Nixon presents two stories about strange, and strained, relationships. In James Salter's "Last Night," a dying wife has a last supper. The reader is Amy Ryan. And Padgett Powell imagines what would happen if Janis Joplin met Charles Dickens in the third grade. John Cameron Mitchell reads "Joplin and Dickens."

June 21, 2016

Guest host Jane Curtin presents three stories by the American master Shirley Jackson. In “The Smoking Room,” read by Cristin Milioti, a spunky co-ed confronts the Devil. A distracted husband knows something’s not right in “Company for Dinner” read by Stephen Kunken. And an irritable old lady is in for a bumpy ride on “The Bus,” read by Paul Giamatti.

June 14, 2016

Guest host Hope Davis introduces stories from the 1980s, a decade of material extremes and spare writing. Bobby Cannavale reads “Chablis,” by Donald Barthelme, Anna Chlumsky reads “The Slaves of New York,” by Tama Janowitz, Michael Cerveris reads “After the Denim,” by Raymond Carver, and Mary Stuart Masterson reads Ann Beattie’s “Snow.”

June 7, 2016

Guest host Jane Curtin presents works about questions and answers. From a program at the Southampton Writers Conference, Michael Tucker reads from Roger Rosenblatt's memoir The Boy Detective, and Billy Collins reads four of his poems. Then, a dangerous flirtation, in Bernard Malamud's “Notes from a Lady at a Dinner Party,” read by David Margulies.

June 5, 2016

Guest host Jane Kaczmarek presents two stories about women whose lives change dramatically. Hope Davis reads “The Lone Pilgrim,” by Laurie Colwin, in which a demure illustrator finds love, and Christina Pickles reads “The Night Bookmobile,” by Audrey Niffenegger, in which a lonely bookworm finds a very private library.