About Selected Shorts

Selected Shorts is a weekly public radio show broadcast on over 150 stations to about 300,000 listeners. It is produced by Symphony Space and WNYC Radio and distributed by Public Radio International. The radio show is recorded live at the popular New York City stage show which began in 1985 and still enjoys sell-out audiences today at the Peter Sharp Theater at Symphony Space on Broadway and 95th Street in New York City. Selected Shorts is one of the premiere reading series in New York City. The Selected Shorts podcast consistently ranks as one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes.

There is a theme to each Selected Shorts episode and performance. Several stories are presented around each theme. The stories are always fiction, sometimes classic, sometimes new, always performed by great actors from stage, screen and television who bring these short stories to life. Evenings are often co-hosted by writers, literary producers, and other interesting characters.

On Stage

Spellbinding short stories by established and emerging writers take on a new life when they are performed by stars of the stage and screen. Whether we present stories around a lively theme, the favorite works of a guest author or a special collaboration with a museum or publication, each Selected Shorts event is a unique night of literature in performance.  Selected Shorts appears at Symphony Space in New York City. Our season runs from October through June.


On Air

Public Radio International distributes Selected Shorts to more than 130 stations across the country. We mostly air on the weekend, but times differ from station to station. Click below to find yours.


Selected Shorts is also available on Sirius XM Public Radio on Saturday nights at 11pm with a repeat on Monday mornings/late Sunday nights at 1am


Selected Shorts has over 300,000 people downloading each episode. You can subscribe to the free weekly podcast and have episodes automatically download to your computer. Episodes are available for exactly one week, beginning the Monday after broadcast. Podcast content is the same as the radio broadcast. Podcasts run approximately 1 hour.




Occasionally we decide that several stories should be grouped together under an entirely new theme. You’ll recognize some stories, but sometimes we have fantastic performances that didn’t make it to radio (usually because we had to bleep too many words) and we still want to share the bleeping love, so we’ve reassembled our picks in either 2 or 3 CD sets or MP3 Downloads. They make great gifts, by the way (hint, hint).

And now introducing, Single Story Downloads… after years of requests, you really can select your shorts. No need to buy the whole cow just to drink a glass of milk (or something like that). Single story downloads are available only through our Selected Shorts Shop. We are adding new stories all the time, so check back to see if your favorite is available. Better yet, let us know what you’d like and we’ll get working on it.