Guest host David Sedaris presents two stories about important relationships, and one playful spoof about the lives of celebrity chefs.

The first story is by Donna Tartt, who won the Pulitzer Prize for her novel The Goldfinch. Her other works include the novels The Secret History and The Little Friend.   Her story “The Ambush” was featured in The Best American Short Stories in 2006.  In it, Tartt makes a sweet tale out of a sad subject —the death of a dad in Vietnam.  His son copes by recruiting the narrator, an 8-year-old girl, for a series of escalating war games.  “The Ambush” is also gently satirical, as a rural Southern community meets a brash Brooklyn widow.  The reader is SHORTS’ regular Patricia Kalember.

We’ve often featured the fiction of Leonard Michaels—a writers’ writer whose tales frequently include bewildered narrators—like his anti-hero Nachman—who don’t seem to know where they are in their lives.  But in “My Father’s Life” Michaels himself is the bewildered narrator, as he pays tribute to a parent who seemed filled with certainties, even as his son struggles with confusion. “My Father’s Life” is read by SELECTED SHORTS’ late founder and host Isaiah Sheffer.

To complete this program, a bit of fun: for an evening Symphony Space created with the food magazine Lucky Peach, a playful series of drawings called “The Secret Lives of Chefs,” by graphic artist Lisa Hanawalt, were projected on the screen.  The narrative captions were read with gusto by chef Mario Batali.


Secret Lives of Chefs2 Secret Lives of Chefs3 Secret Lives of Chefs4 Secret Lives of Chefs5

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