Guest host Kate Burton presents a cornucopia of funny pieces from the volume The Best of The Harvard Lampoon.  The satirical publication celebrated its 140th anniversary in 2016 with an anthology of some of its contributors’ best work,  and was the occasion of a special SELECTED SHORTS evening of readings and reminiscences.   Among the many humorists and entertainers who got their start at the Lampoon in their students days are Kurt Anderson, Patricia Marx and B.J. Novak.
As Anderson, who co-hosted the event, noted, these are pieces written by people in their youth, so expect playful extravagance in this array of pastiches, satires, mock profiles, and tall tales.   Sometimes the title says it all, as in “Six Universal Questions That Your Mother Never Told You About” (Elizabeth M. Losh), Patricia Marx’s “Notes from the Under-Grateful,” or B.J. Novak’s “My Unhappy Rendezvous with Magical Realism.”  Others, you have to hear: Stephen M. O’Donnell gives God a bad review in “Second Coming Doesn’t Set the World on Fire,” and Alexis C. Wilkinson imagines an–unusual–study group (think King Kong) in “Study Buddies.”
A fine cast of readers were matched up with these funnies: Wyatt Cenac, Michael Emerson, Erinn Hayes, Richard Masur, Alysia Reiner, and Zuzanna Szadkowski.
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