No, no, NO! Definitely not! It’s just that Selected Shorts now has its very own website. And no, this isn’t like one of those “Honey, Mommy and Daddy are going to be sleeping in separate rooms but don’t worry, it’s a good thing” sort of things.

This really is a good thing. Hell, it’s even a GREAT thing. If you don’t believe us take a spin around the site. We’ve made it easier to navigate, easier to search (just try entering a writer from the drop down menu to see what happens), with more content devoted just to Shorts. We also have a brand new feature available only here – now you casino online can download single stories. No more having to buy the whole CD! Take that iTunes.

We also plan to keep you up to date on all things Shorts – surprising backstage interviews, pictures, radio news, silly stories we picked up while surfing the net (I mean “working”) and on and on. We might even reveal the secret recipe to Coke. Oh wait, guess some other radio show already did that.

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